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Monday, October 5, 2009

Goat Curry Love

Every now and then, the LA Times food section can come up with a real gem, a hidden treasure that most of us would pass by without a second glance. Taurat Tandoori, a Bangladeshi run, Halal eatery, is that latest gem. A place not only worthy of a posting here, but a place I have visited three times in three weeks. Its that good, well THE GOAT is THAT GOOD.

While I would love to try the Nehari(6 hour simmered beef shank curry) or the Goat Korma, its what you see above you that keeps you coming back again and again. If Middle America has White Castle, then surely this is the late night(or mid afternoon) crave of Bangladesh.

The meat is ridiculously tender. The sauce/gravy that surrounds it steals the show. Butter and spice are in synchronicity. You can get naan, but trust me and stick with the rice. The combination of the sauce, rice and a little meat is Heaven. You could easily split this but you wont want to. You will finish the bowl like its your last meal on earth. As I write this Im thinking about going for a mid afternoon/dinner spoiler.

The Secret Ingredient

Its Fat folks. Yeah, thats one of the reasons it tastes so good. Slowly rendered till most of it is in liquid form, every now and then you can fish out a chunk. And yes, you can eat it, I mean, you eat ALL of the bacon strip right?

The lack of AC and personality of the staff are more than made up for in the product served. As a child of Bangladeshi immigrants, I grew up, like others I'm sure, not really liking the cuisine of my genetic origin. And guess what? I still dont but this goat curry is an extraordinary exception. Unless you hate meat or free pool tables(they have a no coin slot billiard table) I will see you over at Vermont and 1st street.


Men of Leisure said...

They got your goat and now you must get theirs. Where is this fine establishment?

Ali said...

Vermont and 1st street my good man