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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Rack of Pork

I have been wanting to post this pic as a blog subject for some time. Mostly because I love the pic but also because this is such a great cut of meat to serve for a Sunday dinner or any special occasion and the cut is a steal for how good it tastes and how impressive it looks.

Pork is awesome and cheap. Cut at the bone, each chop is a single serving though I'm sure a hearty eater could go for a double cut. No shortage of marbling in a rib chop and because of it's size, the sear and oven finish method ensures a juicy and rich piece of pork on the plate.

A good sear off a cast iron on both sides and into the oven you go. Given the amount fat in the meat and the fact that I want a nice medium temp(145 degree total after rest) I played with my oven's settings and let it roll at 325 degrees with a convection fan circulating the heat.

Finishing sauce. Right before go time I mopped up the rack with some "Alabama style" white BBQ sauce. Funny thing is I dont care for the stuff right out of the bottle but it makes for a fine meat glaze.

Rack of Pork. A simple cook if you are versed enough with a sear/oven finish and at $15 or less for the cut, it's a "invite your friends over on the cheap", Sunday worthy dinner.

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